Bull Taming Festival is a famous festival of bull taming in Tamil Nadu state of India. This is a festival of full of energy and enthusiasm among bulls and viewer too. This festival observes at Madurai District of Tamil Nadu state each of year as on 15 January.

This is an ancient festival of Tamil Nadu which is most famous in rural areas like Jallikattu and Alanganallur. Alanganallur is a famous place for bull taming which 15 km. far from the district of Madurai. Bull taming is a harvest festival of Madurai.

Bull taming is a risky game which is plays by youth of Madurai. Those youth first of all prepare the bulls for the game. When this festival starts youth open the doors of bull stockade. Numerous youth participate in this game of bulls and youth. They hold their tails, they catch their oiled horns and they seize their necks. Those youth direct those bulls and tries to control.

During this festival of Bull taming festival of Madurai people celebrate this as a most important portion of a festival of temples. They prepare delicious meals and foods. They burn firecrackers in streets.  They decorated their houses and lighted lamps in streets.

Bull Taming Festival of Madurai in 2014: 14th January

Bull Taming Festival of Madurai celebrated each of years as a part of rural life of Jallikattu and Alanganallur. This festival is one of a major festival of Tamil Nadu. This is festival not only famous in India but also popular in all over world.

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