India is a land of festivals and there are various people belong to various type of religion. One of them is Jainism. Jainis are

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the follower of mahaveer swami and they followed there Lord mahavira’s spiritual thoughts. They celebrates various festivals throughout the year. One of them is Chaumasi Chaudas. Jain people celebrated this festival three times in a year. Chaumasi Chaudas celebrated on the fourteenth day of Kartik, Falgun and Ashadh months of Hindu calendar.

Jain Community celebrates this festival with great joy and enthusiasm in all over country. They make it fabulous with religious acts and by worshiping the lord mahaveera. People prepare themselves charming with colorful cloths and by adornment of houses. They also give some charity and donation on that day for earning the good ‘Karma’.

Chaumasi Chaudas of Jainism is a very beautiful festival of this religion. It is became a part of Marwadi Jain’s life.

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