Preparing Rakhi Thali of Mithai :

Rakhi is one of the most beautiful and very ancient traditional festivals ofIndia. this is a festival revolve around feelings or relationship of emotions between brother and sister. During this festival a sister shows her love towards her brother and in return she need to promise of protection. brother also expresses their emotions with good wishes for sister. During this festival sister prepare a rakhi thali for prayer of her brother. This thali involves rakhi strips, diya, tilak etc. they also place some sweets in this thali, so it is also called as thali of Mithai.

At time of Muharat according to horoscope of Hindu religion, brother and sisters celebrates rakhee festival with ritual acts. Sister worship their deity with puja thali and then she praise her brother. She ties rakhi threads on her brother’s wrist. brother and sister replace gifts each other. After that they eat sweets as a tradition of festival. Without sweet or Mithai this rakhi festival or celebration cannot be imagine. Eating sweet dish is a sign of happiness and joy of a festival.

It enhances enthusiasm of celebration among people. During Rakshabandhan various varieties of sweets also bought by sisters for their brothers and family members. Sisters can also make delicious varieties of sweets at their home. In various states ofIndiamany type of sweets are popular during festival of rakhi. Some of famous sweets ofIndiaare jalebi, gulab jamun, rasgulla, kazu sweets, dry fruits and malai burfi etc. well decorated thali with sweets on rakhi festival called Rakhi mithai thali, and they are also available in market now a days.

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Rakhi is a beautiful traditional festival ofIndia. this is a very ancient form of festival according to epics of Hindu religion. The legend behind this festival is related to Indrani (wife of lord Indra). Once a time lord indra was defeated from a demon and lost his kingdom than Indrani worshiped to lord Vishnu.

Lord Vishnu advised her to bind an auspicious thread on wrist of lord Indra. Indrani did it and it resulted with killing of the demon. Rakhi is a festival of love and affection among sisters and brothers. They strengthen their relation with celebrating this festival. Rakhi customs are very beautiful. During this festival people have to follow various traditional customs.

Celebration of Rakshabandhan:

People during that time engage themselves with purchasing of require things of festival and with decorating their houses or shops. On Rakhi day people wake up early in the morning. They prepare themselves with colorful traditional cloths. They prepare delicious meals and sweets. Sisters prepare Rakhi thali for worship their brother.

Rakhi thali involves various ritual elements like incense sticks, tika or tilak, rakhi threads, rice grains, diyas and sweets. First of all sisters offer a prayer to their deity with offering of sweets and incense sticks. Than sister offer aarti to their brother and bound rakhi thread on his wrist. Normally, brother give gifts to his sister and blessed for take care her in various circumstances of her life.

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