Gangaur Mela is a famous fair of Rajasthan the colorful state of India. This is the fair represented the importance of the Gangaur festival of Rajasthan. Gangaur festival is one of the most celebrated festivals of this magical part of India. this is

Gangaur Puja

Gangaur Puja

the festival which has not only a significance part of ritual tales of this state but also is a sign of a colorful journey of this beautiful Rajasthan.

Rajasthan is very popular for its colorful fairs and festival and Gangaur festival and Gangaur fair is one of the most fabulous festivals of this religious state of India. Gangaur festival celebrated in all corners of Rajasthan. In the region of Udaipur it is the time of pleasure and joyous for people. People during this festival take fast for performing ritual acts of this festival.

There is a tradition of Gangaur Savari during this festival. This is a three days festival and each of the days signifies as a day of especial color like pink, green and orange. And each of the days are known as on the name of colors. People celebrate it by singing and dancing.

That time there organizes a big fair which called as Gangaur Mela. The organizers organize various programs during the Gangaur festival. There manage various entertaining things like Jhulas for enjoyment of people in the fairs. Jaipur is also a famous place of Rajasthan for big Gangaur festival and Gangaur fair during that time.

  • Gangaur Fair and Festival in 2014 : 2- 4 April

This festival of Gangaur organizes each of the year in Rajasthan during months of March-April and in year 2014 it will be start from 2 to 4 April.

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The country of India is a world famous nation not only for its uniqueness or its biggest population after the population of china or its area but also it is famous for its system of society and religion. It is the country of various religions. It is a different country from other parts of the world.

All of the religion can celebrate their own festivals and religious occasions. As like the each of the months there are the following festivals which will be celebrate in the month of April of year 2012.

Indian Festivals In April 2012:

  • 01 April : Ram Navmi
  • 05 April :  Mahavir Jayanti
  • 06 April : Hanuman Jayanti
  • 06 April :  Good Friday
  • 08 April : Palm Sunday
  • 08 April : Easter (Western)
  • 12  April : Bikrami Samvat (Hindu New Year)
  • 13  April : Baisakhi
  • 15  April : Easter
  • 24  April : Akshay Tritiya

All of above are the festivals which will be celebrated in the month of April in year 2012. this is the month of spring season in India and time for joyous and mud of celebration. It is the time of happy moments which enhance due to the celebration of above festivals of India in the month of April, 2012.

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