This festival is specially celebrated in bikaner, Jaipur, jodhpur and rajsamand etc. At the evening time a large emperial procession of gangaur goes to from the temple to the main market and at last stops at a big fair ground. The procession is the decorated with canopy, flowers and green leaves of banana tree. One of the interesting aspects of Gangaur Festival is that on this day devotees dance, sung songs and plays musical instruments during the procession of gangaur festival.

Gangaur Festival is celebrated after the festival of holi. The festival of gangaur is celebrated in honour of goddess parvati(Gouri). People wears new clothes & jewellery then goes to watch the procession or fair of gangaur festival. Near by villagers comes to the fair ground and they enjoy during the gangaur festival.

younger and unmarried girls observes fast and pray to lord Shiva & goddess parvati and they want good husband of their choice and happiness in life .

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Various Places where the Gangaur festival is Celebrated in Rajasthan. Specially this festival is celebrated minimum for three days and maximum eighteen days in Rajasthan. It is come after holi festival.

Even unmarried girls fast for the full period of 18 days and eat only one meal a day. In Jaipur, a sweet dish called ‘ghewar’ is characteristic of the Gangaur Festival. People buy ‘ghewar’ to eat and distribute it among their friends and relatives. People allot greeting card’s, gifts & sweets their relatives. Many people play with fire-works at night. this day younger boys & girls select their life partner.

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