Navaratri festival is a famous festival and it is also know as navratri festival or Durga Puja. Navaratri festival is a very famous Hindu festival which can celebrated across all over the india. the name Navaratri came because of this festival can be celebrated for nine nights. so it is the festivals which can b celebrated nine days or nights.

Navratri is celebrated during Hindi month ashvin sudi 1 to 9. The famous festival of Navaratri comes near about October month every year. The tenth day of Navratri is celebrated as Dussehra or vijayadashmi.

During whole nine days A big statue of holy Shakti Maa, can be placed at the center of big ground. every day is celebrated as speacial day. people decorat the place with flowers and lights etc. people and devoties preform pooja, aarti etc. and then garba or dandiya raas dance starts and people start to dance In a big circle around that holy statue of Maa. Mostly Navaratri festival is celebrated in ahmedabad, Baroda of gujarat and Maharashtra, the dandiya or garba raas was also started from that place and now it is become a very popular dance.

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