Decoration at While Christmas :

Christmas is the main festival of Christian religion. Decoration houses and Christmas tree is main task on this festival. People decorate their house by various things like candles, lights and other artificial things. Applying color on wall and other places increases the festive atmosphere.

Color shows the feeling and thinking of the people about the Christmas celebration for them. A proper color scheme put a unique signature of this festival. If you have some memorable childhood memories then apply color according to these. Like if you were crazy about candy cones then red and white color would be best color to apply.

if you love the luscious and luminous beaded fruits Then you may apply the jewel tones into all you Christmas decorating. If you like rustic, earthy decorations then you may be with greens, browns, and gold. If home has warm colors then gold and red for decorations would be best rather than icy white and silver.

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