Gujarat Day is the day which is dedicated to day of 1st of May in 1960 when the new era starts with the fabulous self confidence of people of this state. The day of 1st May of 1960 when government of India agree to established Gujarat as a new state in the led of Jivraj Mehta.

Gujarat Diwas or Gujarat Day In India :

It was the first government of this religious state of India. Gujarat is one of the richest states of India. This is the state which is now developing with great moves economically and with basic facilities of infrastructures.

Narendra Modi

Narendra Modi

Gujarat Day is celebrated each of the years after its establishment in the year of 1960. People belongs to this country celebrate the victories of this state in against the problems like social difficulties, development problems, religious matters etc. Now this is the state which is growing quickly and enhancing facilities for ordinary people of this state. This is the state which working to remove unemployment and developing businesses and industries in the state.

Gujarat Day is a celebration to be happy about the victories of this state of India and be preparing for new opportunities facing in current time. People celebrate this day by organizing various programs in all around the state. Government of Gujarat also organizes fabulous celebration for that day of Gujarat.

  • Gujarat Day In Year 2013 : 1st May 2013


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