About Lord Ram:

Lord Ram was the ideal Avatar of lord Vishnu. According to our Hindu mythology Ram born in Treta Yuga where as according to historic lord Ram was born about 11th century. Tulsidas the great hero of our history wrote “Ramcharitmanas” the great epic of Hindu religion. In “Ramayana” the great poet Valmiki wrote about story of lord Rama.

Rama was the seventh incarnation of lord Vishnu. He came to earth for remove the darkness of evils forces and for establishment of peace and prosperity. Rama was the greatest ideal personality. He went to forest for 14 years exile because his mother said to him, so only for her mother’s instruction he done it. He returned back to Ayodhya after killed demon Rawan. It was the victory of righteousness over evils.

About Hey Ram Hey Ram:

It is a very special creation about lord Rama. It is so beautiful and most popular Bhajan of lord Rama. It is explain that Rama is a universal hero. All the things in universe are just a creation of Lord Rama. Jagjit Singh sung this bhajan with melodious voice. There is lyrics of Hey Ram Hey Ram as follows.

Lyrics of Hey Ram Hey Ram:

Hey Ram Hey Ram

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