Hindi New Year festival is celebrated in all the parts of country, especially by Hindu religion. This day is observed according to the Hindu calendar, it called ‘Panchanga’.

A famous name of this festival is “Vikram Samvat”. In the panchanga, seasons, months and days follow the sun, the moon and both the Sun and Moon respectively. The hindu new year month start with the first day of the Kartik month.

History of Hindu New Year

The origin of Hindu New Year is linked with the great king Vikramaditya. According to a tale, king Gardabhilla kidnapped a girl which name was Saraswati. Saraswati was a sister of the monk Kalakacharya. The monk went to the Saka ruler for help.

Gardabhilla defeated by Saka king. After that Gardabhilla was killed in the forest by tiger. His son, Vikramaditya grow up in the forest. He attacked Ujjain and drive out the Sakas. The new year commemorates this event and celebrated as a ‘Vikram Samvat’.

The hindu new year is celebrated with a huge vivacity by North Indians and Gujarati peoples. In Southern India, highlight the occasion with different date and traditions. On this occasion people performed prayers and worship to god for best things in life. It is such a remarkable day of every Hindu person.

Hindi New Year Starts In 2012 –
Date of the Hindi New Year In 2012 : 4 April 2012

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