Janmashtami festival is related to birth of lord Krishna. He is a most famous god of Hinduism. The festival takes place on the day of ‘Ashtami’ in the month of Shravana. According to Indian astrology lord Krishna was bear on the Rohini Nakshatram.

It is described in the Hindu’s Puran that lord Krishna was born on a thundering, windy and dark night to secure the living beings from the cruelty of his matternal uncle ‘King Kansa’. It is celebrated over two days. The first day is known as Janmashtami and second one called Kalashtami.

A Story Related To Shri Krishna:

In ancient time a king was there which name was Ugrasen. He was a ruler of Mathura. He had two children a son and a daughter. His son name was Kansa and daughter name was devki. Kansa was a very cruel person who had became a king of Mathura forcefully. Although he was very rude but he loved his sister very much. Kansa married his sister with Vasudev.

Vasudev was a one of the great soldier of his army. After the marriage of Vasudev and Devki, a voice came from the sky that Devki’s eighth child will be kill the Kansa. Kansa became angry and he jailed both of them. He said them to handover their children to him. After that Kansa had killed their six children.

Their seventh children was Balram, who was saved by god power. At last Devki’s eighth child was born. The child was lord Krishna. As he born a miracle was happened there. All sodiers became unconcious and doors of dungeon became open wonderly. Vasudev decided to save his child. He took him in a basket and went to his friend Nand in Gokul. At that time it was raining. Vasudev dropped the child to Nanda’s house. he took Nanda’s girl and returned safely. later that boy become young and then popularly known as krishna.

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The third Tirthankar, Lord Sambhavanath was born in this holy place. He is believed to have taken diksha at a Sahetuk forest in the vicinity of Shravasti. Each year, thousands of Janis come to Shravasti to celebrate the birth day of Lord Sambhavanath and to observe one of the most important Jain festivals during the auspicious day of Kartik Purnima. So the Kartik Purnima is celebrated as a big festival everywhere.

The Rituals of Kartaik Purnima –

– The Kayotsarga of 21 Logassa
– 21 Khamasanas
– 21 Swastiks and
– 20 Navakarvalis with the Jap Pad of –

“Shri Shatrunjaya Tirthadhirajaya Namh” this Parva is celebrated with some special rules and principles. The rites of worship and activities have some special kind of importance. THE FALGUN SUD TERASH (THIRTEENTH DAY OF THE MONTH OF FALGUN). Shamb and Prdyumna had got the Moksha Pad with 8.5 crores monks. So the circumbulation of 6 Gaus (1 Gau means 3.2 Kms.) is done on this day.

THE CHAITRA SUD PURNIMA (THE 15TH DAY OF THE MONTH OF CHAITRA) Pundarik Swami had got the Moksha Pad here with 5 crores monks. So it is also named as Pundarikgiri. Who does the Pilgrimage with pure heart, can get the happiness of Moksha later on.

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