Hindu New Year is also known as ‘Vikram Samvat’. It is celebrated according to Panchanga. In panchanga, it is believed that seasons, months and days are runs according to the situation of the sun, moon and the both sun and moon.

The time period of Vikram Samvat began in 57 BC. The new year celebration is begin with the former day of Kartik month. It is related with the great king Vikramaditya who assaulted on the Sakas and throw out them from Ujjain. In the remembrance of that event Vikram Samvat is celebrated.

Hindu New Year Celebrations In India:

Pooja Process

Pooja Process

On this occasion people decorate their houses by lighting and flowers decorations of varied colors like pink, blue, yellow, red and purple etc. People also designed rangolis. Rangolis are the main attraction of the decoration part.

It is a tradition to wake up early in the morning. People take bathe and they wear new clothes. People offered prayers to goddess Lakshmi and god Ganesh. They offers flowers, fruits and prasad to god. After the worship prasad and fruits are distributed among the family members and neighbor.

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