Pooja Process

Pooja Process

Hindu New Year Festival:

The Hindu New Year is celebrated with the festival of lights Deepawali, in the month of Kartik. It is related with the great king Vikramaditya. He was a son of the king Gardabhilla. Once king Gardabhilla had abducted the sister of a well known Jain monk Kalakacharya.

Her name was Saraswati. Jain monk went to the Saka ruler for help to release his sister. The Saka king got a victory over the Gardabhilla. It is believed that after that king Gardabhilla had killed in the forest by a tiger attack. Vikramaditya nurtured in the forest. He attacked on the Sakas and he became a ruler of Ujjain.

The Hindu new year has different names in the varied parts of the country. For example –

In Maharashtra:

The Hindu new year is observed as ‘Gudhi Padwa’ occasion.

In Tamilnadu State of India:

Chithirai vishu festival is celebrated on this day. (more…)

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Date of Hindu New Year:

Hindi New Year takes place on the first day of Kartik month. It refers also as a ‘Vikram Samvat’. It is celebrated in the memory of a great king Vikramaditya.

daisy flowerHe was the ruler of Ujjain. He defeated the Sakas ruler to avenge his father. It is entirely dedicated to that event of victory. On this occasion family members and friends give gifts to each other. They have such a great joy on this day.

It is celebrated with a massive verve by the people. The day is also observed as Chaitra navratri, Gudhi Padwa, Chithirai vishu etc. this occasion is also celebrated as a ‘Cheti chand’ by the Sindhis.

Many poems and songs have been written dedicated to Hindu new year. A beautiful poem we can see here below:

A New Year Poem :
Harbingers of happiness, awake! And dreams abandoned, return from restless sleep!
Past hopes, whom bitter wanderers forsake, Promise once again what will might reap!
Years turn and turn, at each new turn reborn, New imagined by redeemers new,
Each in turn vouchsafed a festive dawn, Wind driven towards a sky of darker hue.
Yearning is of innocence a cause, Embracing with delight what ought to be,
As once a year even truth takes pause, Reflecting on what other eyes might see.


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