It is a place where lord Buddha gave his speeches and knowledge to his disciples after the 6th and 9th year of Nirvana. It is located in the District Pratapgadh state Utter Pradesh. It is also one of the important six cities of Buddha dharma.

Historical Background of Kaushambi :

The city Kaushambi was the capital of Janpada in the ancient times. One can see some remains of great Ashok pillar in this city. The knowledge of India in the old times flowed from northern part of India to the Southern part of India, Simultaneously knowledge also flowed from eastern part of India to the western part of India. So why this place is famous because both of the paths met in this city. This thing makes city important.

Famous places having religious importance of Kaushambi :

  • Sheetla Temple of Kara
  • Prabhasgiri (Prabhosa) ¬†Kaushambi
  • Durga Devi Temple of Manjhanpur
  • Kamasin Devi Temple
  • Shri Ram Temple Bajha

How To Reach Kaushambi :

By Air:
People use air ways of Allahabad, Kanpur district to reach in this city, further they proceed through rail or road transportation to arrive in the city

By Train:
Allahabad, Kanpur ,Sirathu and Bharwar are the railway stations in the district, which connects this place to other parts of India.

By Road:
Manjhanpur is the nearest district head quarter,55 km distant from the city Allahbad. From one can reach to Mooratganj through famous G.T. road and from there one can proceed to Manjhanpur.

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