Generally due to hectic life we don’t get time to meet our relatives or even friends. Festivals are the best time to meet up with your loved ones, and Holi is certainly one such festival. But what makes Holi different from other festivals is that you not just meet others and exchange greetings, you get to have fun with them to your heart’s content. You can be frank and loving without worrying about the usual formalities.

Holi Festival Greetings :

Holi is famous for a tradition called as Holi Milan; it symbolizes the end of enmities with others. In Holi Milan, people rub colour on

holi wishes

holi wishes

each other and hug each other’s. It is believed that even foes turn friends after Holi Milan. Sometimes it so happens that you aren’t able to meet the friends or relatives, you can convey your greetings by sending them greeting cards and presents.

With the advent of internet era, you can now also send e-greetings of Holi to your friends and relatives. Like e-greeting, there are different ways and kinds of Holi greetings.

Wish your friends with formal greetings like, May your courtyard be resplendent with the rich hues of happiness on Holi and always.’  Or wish them a life full of colourful moments. Then there are special messages for friends, inviting them to enjoy the festival with you, the greetings to the friends being frank and casual ones.

The Holi greetings to your loved ones have to be special, so there is an arsenal of romantic Holi messages. The famous romantic one liner being, ‘This Holi I want to get drenched in the colour of your love.’

After the fun and frolic with colours, people dress up in new clothes and go out and greet each other’s, they take blessings of the elders. It is a great time to reconnect with people and share your love with your dear ones. Numerous stories related to Holi are shared; there is lots of laughter and fun. In some states, there is lots of singing and dancing as an act of devotion. These gatherings of people are called ‘Holi Milan samaroh’ or ‘Holi Meeting Greets’.

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Holi is a very fun-filled, colorful and popular festival of India. Colors are very important part of Holi as they add life and energy to the festival and make it more interesting.

Holi Festival of Colors:

It looks very beautiful to watch people playing holi. They play colors in groups with full energy and joy. They apply colors on each other’s face and also through colored water on them. They get completely drenched in colors, play dholaks, sing songs and dance on the beat of dholak. Other than this, spirit of Holi is to through gulal in air and on the feet of elder people. This spirit makes the festival so delightful and pleasant.

The legend from which tradition of playing colors came is associated with the Indian God, Lord Krishna. According to legend, Krishna was very jealous of Radha’s fair complexion and therefore complained about nature’s injustice to his mother Yashoda. To mollify her child, Yashoda said him to through color on Radha’s face and change her complexion according to him. Krishna took it seriously and applied color on Radha and other gopis. So, this idea of playing colors became a tradition and became so much popular. Today also, colors are thrown by lovers on their mates to express their love.

This festival of colors is also very popular among children. They eagerly wait for this festival to enjoy with colors and make complete fun. They enjoy a lot by throwing colored water on each other using a water jet called pichkari. Some mischievous children also through water balloons on people but it can be harmful for people.

There are no restrictions on this day. It is also a tradition to consume bhang on this day to make the festival more enjoyable. People sing songs at high pitch and also through jokes on each other. Rule that is followed on this day is ‘Bura na mano Holi hai’.

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