Holi Celebration in India :

In India Holi festival popularly known as festival of colors is celebrated with great pomp. Holi celebration is symbolic of the goodness triumph over evil. The major highlight of the Holi celebration brings out myriad of colors of different hues. Above all the festival promotes brotherhood and unity; it eliminates the social discrimination and unites people from all walks of life.

Holi celebrations have been existent inIndiasince ancient times and the popularity is growing every year, with Holi celebrations getting bigger and better. Holi is the only festival which allows people to have the liberty to celebrate the festival the way they want. It gives them the freedom to let hair loose.

On the few days leading up to the Holi festival, the market is filled with myriad of stall selling colored powders and pichkaris. Heaps of colors attract several young shoppers. The celebration being few days before the final day of the festival, which falls on the full moon day of the Phalgun month (Last month in the Hindu calendar)

Story Behind Holi Celebration :

Holi celebration has mythological significance and traditions associated with it. The popular tradition is the lit a bonfire on the eve on the Holi. The bornfire is lighted to symbolize the victory of good over evil. According to the Hindu myth, Holi got its name from Holika. Holika was a sister of an ancient Indian wicked King, Hiranyakashyap. The king tried to kill his own son, Pralhad for praying to Lord Vishnu.

The king made his son sit on Holika’s lap, who was blessed with immunity from fire and set them both ablaze. However, after the incident, Pralhad came out of fire unscathed, while his sister was burnt to ashes. People still follow this tradition even today, which marks the Holi celebrations. Truly, the Holi celebration paints a magical picture of people’s enthusiasm; it is the zenith of Indian festivity.

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Holi messages are greetings sent to friends and relatives as a custom or a part of ritual. These greetings give smiles on every ones faces.  In terms of SMS’s or personally greeting each other makes this festival special. Celebration of this colorful and exciting festival along with holi greetings makes this occasion all the more delightful. This wonderful custom makes people closer and gives a chance to meet each other from their busy schedules.

Precautions to be taken on Holi :

This colorful festival was originated in the northern part of India but is celebrated all over the world. This colorful festival can be very

Holi In USA

Holi In USA

dangerous if not played with caution and care. These days the colors in the market are made of dangerous chemicals which can be dangerous for the skin. One needs to be sure that this delightful occasion is celebrated with fun and frolic. Some of the holi safety tips are listed as below:

Make sure that the clothes worn can be disposed once the festival is over. Dark colored clothes will make your maintenance easy. Fully covered dresses are preferable so that the color applied does not come in direct contact with the body parts.

You can even think of wearing socks to refrain harmful chemicals of the colors. Make sure that your eyes and your mouth does not come in contact with color. You can also apply oil’s like coconut oil on your body and your head which will prevent color sticking on your body. If at all you are traveling in a car or a vehicle then make sure that all the windows are kept open for uninvited accidents.

The best way to enjoy this auspicious occasion is to use herbal colors and encourage your friends to make use of the same kind of colors to have a happy and a safe holi.

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