Holi is the festival of joy and colours. on the second day people sprinkle coloured water, colours on each other. that colour is also known as gulal or abeer. sometimes it was made by the leaf of different flowers. people apply that coloured powder on the faces of each other and they have fun. Boys and girls, men and women, old and young every one looks happy on this day. The people believe that the bright colors represent energy, life, and joy in there life.

Holi is a most colorful day for all of India people. holi is a biggest festival of colours and this holi festival is celebrated across the India. holi festival comes at end of the spring season. holi festival can be celebrated every year in the month of march.

holi is celebrated for two days. the first day is known as holi and the second day it is named as dhurely or dhulandi In India. people celebrate this second day very much in there life. it is the festival of colour and sweets. housewifes and women make sweets and different special recipes at home for there family. people go to each other and wish them for that holi festival.

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India is a land of rich culture and festivals are an integral part of every Indian’s life. HOLI is one of that. Indian festivals are source of celebration and joy. HOLI means festival of different colours. The festival of joy and happiness. The Hindu festival of colors celebrated in mid Spring every year.

On this Holi festival all people comes together and play with different colours. On this day all enemies becomes friends. All childrens, men ,women play with full of joy. This festival made by Hindu religion. It is the one of the most big and famous festival in India. On this day holiday must given in all. all friends, relations giving a greeting card to each others. School, college and in industrial area. On this day all eat the prasad called BHANG.

The festivals in India are just as vibrant as its cultural fabric. They are colorful, full of life and most of all touch the very soul of its people. The entire country is lit up with colours and water. Holi is one occasion when sprinkling colored powder (gulal) or colored water on each other breaks all barriers of discrimination so that everyone looks the same and universal brotherhood is reaffirmed.

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