Celebrating Holi In Mauritius :

As many other Hindu festivals, Indian people celebrate Holi with full enthusiasm in Mauritius.  In Mauritius also this festival comes in summer season in the month of February-march. Holi celebrations have started in Mauritius since after the Indians got settled there. There is an official holiday in the country on this day and so people get full time to enjoy this festival.

Holi In USA


In the evening of the day, bonfire known as ‘Holika dahan’ is organized. Local musicians and sings also come to increase the joy of festival. Since the starting of Holi celebration in Mauritius, people are following the tradition of ‘Holika Dahan’ which is associated with the victory of good over evil. In early days, people used to clean the entire village and all garbage was thrown into the bonfire.

On the Holi day, people of all classes enjoy together by throwing gulal on each other. It is a tradition to organize Holi meals in Mauritius and people used to take meals together at one place. In the same evening people exchange gifts and sweets with each other and children express their respect towards their elders. They apply tilak on each other’s head and give them Holi blessings.

In this way, Indians in Mauritius enjoy the festival of Holi to the best. These days so many local people also participate in this festival and learn about the Indian culture.

In spring season, Mauritius looks very beautiful with colorful fields and flowers. Colors of Holi increase this beauty and take it to the highest level. So, it is the best time to visit Mauritius.

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