Karnataka is one of the states in India which is known for its beautiful beaches, world heritage sites, incredible wildlife, timeless temples, historical monuments, green forests, adventure sports and vibrant culture. Karnataka is one of the hot spots in India which is considered to be the favorite adventure tourism destination in India.

The State Tourism Department is being working hard to promote tourism in Karnataka. They are involved in hosting Hot-air Ballooning Festival of Karnataka which attracts thousands of adventure enthusiasts from different parts of the world. Hot-air Ballooning Festival of Karnataka is one of the attractions in Karnataka which is held on the month of December every year.

Hot-air Ballooning Festival at Karnataka :

hot air balloon

hot air balloon

Hot-air Ballooning Festival of Karnataka is a four day event in which about 30 hot-air balloon enthusiasts from India as well as other

countries will take part. From the ancient times, man has always been fascinated by the mystery of flight and since then he has tried to find ways to fly by inventing several flying machines. The Hot-air Balloon is one of the oldest forms of natural flight which involves some of the very simple and basic principles of flight. Hot-air balloons are based on the principle ‘warm air rises in cool air’.

Hot-air Ballooning Festival of Karnataka is aimed towards promoting tourism in Karnataka. In this festival there is a display of several beautiful and colorful air-balloons which are manned by professionals and air-balloon enthusiasts.  This festival took place in Mysore, Bidar and Hampi regions.

Hot-air Ballooning Festival of Karnataka is the perfect occasion for hot-air balloon enthusiasts who can experience the magnificent view and beauty of Karnataka by the means of hot air balloon flight during the Hot-air Ballooning Festival of Karnataka. (more…)

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