Story of Lord Rama and the squirrel :

Ramayana is one of the most sacred ancient Hindu epics in India. It depicts the journey of Lord Rama and his triumph over Ravana, the

Rama and the squirrel

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demon king of Lanka. While Lord Rama was in 14 years of exile with his wife Sita and brother Lakshmana, Ravana tricked Sita by appearing as a sage and kidnapped her to Lanka. To rescue Sita from Ravana, Lord Rama along with his brother Lakshmana started a journey towards Lanka.

In this journey they met several devotees and beings who offered help to Lord Rama with a pure intention of devotion and love for him. The Rama and Squirrel Story depicts the dedication and devotion of a squirrel.

One of such incidents which took place while Lord Rama and Lakshmana were on their journey to Lanka is the Rama and Squirrel Story. To reach Lanka it was decided to build a bridge across the ocean.

The Vanara army immediately began to bring large boulders and stones to build a bridge. The Vanaras carried huge boulders and sometimes even hills on their shoulders, and dropped them in the ocean. Several animals at the seashore also involved themselves by helping Lord Rama in their own way. There was a small squirrel who after seeing this also wished to help Lord Rama. He thought for a while and then started collecting pebbles and dropped them in the ocean. Soon he became tired but wanted to help at all cost.

So he then began picking sand and started to put these tiny grains of sand on the bridge, but he was getting on the way of Vanaras who were carrying gigantic boulder. They shouted at him and asked him to get out of their way. The squirrel said that he too wanted to help. He continued his work until one of the Vanara’s picked him up in an anger and flung him away. Lord Rama, who was watching the whole incident caught the squirrel and impressed with his dedication, warmly stroked the squirrel with his three fingers.

Since then according to this Rama and Squirrel Story, the squirrels have three lines on their body. 

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