Losing weight has two facets. First is to have a healthy, well balanced, low carbohydrate diet and secondly a well programmed work out. Ramadan is a Festival of Muslims during which mostly all Muslims fast over a period of a month and allowed to eat only once a day. This is the biggest opportunity for obese people and for health conscious people to lose weight.

Losing weight during Ramadan is not difficult as only one meal is allowed in a day. So, the calorie intake is already lessened. It would be an added advantage in losing weight if the person trying to lose weight drinks a lot of plain water during the fasting period. Avoiding of coloured and sugary drinks would be a plus factor for the weight losers, which is made difficult by the tantalizing stalls selling sugary drinks during Ramadan.

When the fast is broken one should not give in to the cravings of the sweet tooth, but try to consume a well-balanced meal with less of carbohydrate and more of proteins and health food. This is difficult because during Ramadan inciting sweets are prepared in every household and also available in the market. Hunger and thirst of the whole day makes one consume anything that comes handy and opts for the fried and sugary food. Once this fatty food is avoided, losing weight during Ramadan becomes easy.

Consuming a lot of water helps the faster from dehydration. If a well-planned programme of physical exercise is followed with this month-long fasting, losing weight during Ramadan can be a very successful venture. So, regular exercise carried out individually would go a long way in helping in the weight loss. Some fasters do not drink water or any kind of liquid during the whole fasting period. These fasters should be advised not to exercise to prevent dehydration. Physical training during Ramadan can be a boon to the weight-losers.

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Id-ul-Fitr is a religious, and the most important festival of Muslims which is celebrated worldwide. Such is the celebrations of Id that many non-Muslims partake in this joyous festival and get a taste of this enriching experience.

Ramadan Id-ul-Fitr In India:

Id is a three day long festival which marks the end of a month long fasting of Ramadan. Muslims firmly believe in discipline and the month long fasting is done to bring one`s self near to Allah by burning away all the sins and sinful thoughts from within. Basically, Ramadan is about purifying ones soul to become an honest, kind, forgiving, charitable and tolerant person. Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset for 30 days and break this fast on the 29th or the 30th day depending on the rising of the moon.

As the days of the fasting start to fade the fervour of the celebration of Eid takes over. The markets are thronged with Muslim buyers. Muslims decorate their homes, buy new clothes, and buy dry fruits and other ingredients for preparing mouth-watering dishes. Women folk enjoy buying jewellery and bangles. If the family is scattered due to their work, they make it a point to mark this festival with a reunion.

The appearance of the moon on this auspicious day plays a very important role in the festival. Only when the moon appears, do the Muslim men and boys set out of homes, attired in new clothes for the Eid prayer. The sight of this prayer is very impressive where rows of devout Muslims can be seen praying to the divine Allah. After the prayer; men return to their homes where Sevaiyaa, A most famous Muslim delicacy awaits for one and all. Then starts the children’s favorite part of giving and receiving Eidi. Every Muslim is bound to donate his 2-3 of earning during these festivities.

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