Lyric of Jag Me Sunder Hain Do Naam:

Jag Me Sunder Hain Do

Jag me sunder hain do naam is another sweet and beautiful creation of bhajan samrat Anup Jalota who sung this song with a soft and melodious voice. Truly he is a wonderful singer in respect of bhajan songs. He sung this song first time on a bhajan night held on 28th October 2000 in Thiruvananthapuram (Kerala).

This song is a sweet dedication to both lord Rama and lord Krishna mutually. In this devotional song Anup Jalota tried to learn by heart together both of lords with a magical creation. According to him both lords are have same characteristic. Both played their Lilas on earth to remove darkness from the universe and spread out peace and prosperity.

This is a striking devotional song which attract good listener of bhajans. here is the lyrics of this song at the top.

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