Jhulelal Jayanti is dedicated to a religious individual from the society of Sindhi. There is a ritual saying or myth about the

Jhule Lal

Jhule Lal

presence of Jhulelal and for the celebration of Jhulelal Jayanti in the country. Before decades there was an emperor Mirakh Shah in the region of Sindh who was so rude and irreligious. He always forced to people to follows his uncommon or unnatural desires.

All of this make so unsatisfied to people and than they went to Sindh River and worshiped to lord for destroyed the bad actions of Mirakh Shah. Than lord apeareanced in frond of the people and blessed them that there will be an incarnation of lord at the place of Naraspur. A child had born on the 2nd day of Cahatra Shukla Paksh in year of 1007 according to Hindu calendar. He had born as the son of Thakur Bhai Ratanrai and Mata Devaki in Naraspur. He named as Udaychand.

When the emperor Mirakh shah known about Udaychand he tried to kill him but the Udaychand not only survive him but also attacked on Mirakh shah. This aware to Mirakh Shah that the boy is a miracle individual and he accept the power of him. Than he had became a good king of the region. The child named as Jhulelal in future. This started the celebration of Jhulelal Jayanti as the birth day of Jhulelal.

Jhulelal Jayanti In Year 2014 : 31 March (more…)

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The country of India is a world famous nation not only for its uniqueness or its biggest population after the population of china or its area but also it is famous for its system of society and religion. It is the country of various religions. It is a different country from other parts of the world.

All of the religion can celebrate their own festivals and religious occasions. As like the each of the months there are the following festivals which will be celebrate in the month of April of year 2012.

Indian Festivals In April 2012:

  • 01 April : Ram Navmi
  • 05 April :  Mahavir Jayanti
  • 06 April : Hanuman Jayanti
  • 06 April :  Good Friday
  • 08 April : Palm Sunday
  • 08 April : Easter (Western)
  • 12  April : Bikrami Samvat (Hindu New Year)
  • 13  April : Baisakhi
  • 15  April : Easter
  • 24  April : Akshay Tritiya

All of above are the festivals which will be celebrated in the month of April in year 2012. this is the month of spring season in India and time for joyous and mud of celebration. It is the time of happy moments which enhance due to the celebration of above festivals of India in the month of April, 2012.

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