In ancient Hindu epic Ramayana it has been mentioned that Kaikeyi was one of the three wives of King Dasaratha of Ayodhya. Kaikeyi was Bharata’s mother. In Sanskrit the word Kaikeyi means ‘belonging to the Kaikeyas’. She was the youngest of King Dasaratha’s wives and is known to be very beautiful. She is also believed to be a brave and skilled warrior.

Kaikeyi Varam:

Kaikeyi was the daughter of great Ashwapati. Ashwapati was an ally of Kosala. According to the Hindu mythology once in a war Kaikeyi helped Dasaratha by saving his life. This brave act of Kaikeyi impressed Dasaratha very much and he asked her to wish for any two

Kaikeyi and manthara

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boons. Kaikeyi told him that she will ask when ahe will feel like. Kaikeyi being the youngest of all the three queens of Dasaratha was insecure and wanted to raise her status.

Dasaratha decided to make his eldest son Rama the king of Ayodhya and that moment Kaikeyi asked Dasaratha for the three boons he had promised her before. Her first wish was to make her son Bharata the king of Ayodhya and her second wish was to send Rama to an exile.

Dasaratha kept his promised and fulfilled both her wishes, but was deeply hurt due to the separation of his son Rama. He finally couldn’t take the grief and pain of the separation and died of a broken heart. Bharata loved his brother very much and was very angry at his mother.

He told her that he will never call her mother again and blamed her for everything. Kaikeyi soon realized the terrible sin she had committed and repented for what she had done.

According to Rishi Valmiki, Kaikeyi was indeed a great woman, who helped Lord Rama. It has been mentioned by Valmiki that Lord Rama told Kaikeyi that he is the avatar of Lord Vishnu and have come to earth to kill evil Ravana.

He asked for her help to do something that will make Rama go for exile and kill Ravana. And this is how everything that has been mentioned in Ramayana happened.

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