Labour Day :

Labour Day is a yearly public holiday that celebrates the eight – hour working day. It is a holiday to celebrate the

World Labour Day

World Labour Day

achievements of workers. The workers celebrate this day as a Labour Day. Labour Day is linked with International Worker’s Day which is celebrated on May 1. The eight hour day is based on the requirement for each person to have eight labour, eight hours exercise and eight hours rest. International Workers’ Day is a celebration of the international labour movement.

Labour Day is also referred to as May Day around the world. It is observed a holiday in communist countries for labour and labour organization. Women are paid a lot less than men. On this day parades, speeches and demonstrations are held. In India, Labor Day has also been declared a public holiday. It is a day for protests and rallies. On this day organisation carry out processions and arrange competitions for children who belong to labour class. This is the day when the workers and trade unions demand to safeguard their interests and give economic reforms a caring face.

  • World Labour Day is celebrated on 1st May, Every year.

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