Christmas Eve In South America:

Christmas is the festival of joy and excitement for Christians in all over the world. In south America same tradition is followed. Christ here comes in summer time. Santa Claus is not better known but lord Christ is the central signature here.

Most of the country of the South America follows some different tradition within the basic properties of Christmas celebration. Countries that follow the Christmas celebration in South America are as follows-

In Brazil Christmas celebration is very popular. Here Santa Claus is not popular but Father Christmas is known as Papa Noel. Folk play “Los Pastores” is a unique activity on Christmas here.

People in Argentina wish “Feliz Novedad” (Mary Christmas) to each other on Christmas. Houses are decorated with candles, lights and ornaments on this celebration.

Families here showcase their respective “pesebres” on December 16 with lot of joy, fun and festivity. “Nochebuena de Navidad” is leads to the end of celebration.

Preparation for Christmas celebration is started 9 days prior. “La Posada” is the religion activity performed to re-enacting to search for shelter by Joseph and Mary is the unique celebration on Christmas here.

Chilean observe “Novena” – a nine day prayers in church in prior of the festival Christmas. Little clay figure “pesebre” is laid under the Christmas tree is unique activity performed here.

Delicious Christmas dinner is important part on this festival here. This includes roasted turkey, roasted pork, stuffed tomatoes, mince pies, bread and puddings. Fir working, dancing, playing carols explores the festivity of this celebration.

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