Navaratri Festival is the most auspicious festival of the Hindus community. It is the one of the biggest festival Hindus celebrated in India. Particularly it is celebrated in Gujarat. festival is well known festival of India and is known as the day most sacred to Shakti.

It is big and piety day for Indian people. It is said that people start their specialty new work on this day. People clean their houses & temple and decorated with flower. Ladies prepare pooja and all family members goes to the temple of goddess of durga(shakti) & for health and wealth.
Navratri festival is observed twice a year, once in the month of march and than other in September. This festival people can celebrated nine nights.

At the last day people arrange majestic procession idol of goddess of durga(Shakti). the procession goes to the main markets of the city with a great dance, music and joy. finally they goes to river or sea beach and immerse which is also known as Durga visarjan. people says “Jai Mata Di“. and the festivals ends here.

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