Devotees called her Durga maa in Hindu religion. People believed that she help her devotees in the difficulties that is why  she known as a Durga maa. It is also believed that she is a form of god Shiva’s spouse, deity Parvati. She is a mother of lord Kartikeya and Vinayak. She is a warrior form of goddess Shakti who killed demon and helps good people.

A Myth Story Linked With Maa Durga –

A famous legend is related with goddess Durga according to Markandeya Puran. She was created to kill the demon named Mahishasur. He was such a powerful demon which is unbeatable by the gods. Gods went to the Brahma who had given invincible

powers to Mahishasur. Brahma went to the lord Vishnu with the other gods. They had known that the combination of the powers of lord Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma was able to defeat the demon Mahishasur. After that they became annoyed and brightness of light came out from their bodies. This light had combined at the ashram of sage Katyan. At this time goddess Durga was born. Katyan priest gave her a name ‘Katyani’. Finally she had killed demon Mahishasur and saved to gods.

Worship Of Goddess Durga :

Goddess Durga is worshipped with a great verve and devotion on the day of Durga puja festival. It is such a major occasion for the people of country, mainly for Hindus. The day commemorates the triumph of goddess Durga over the demons. It is celebrated by the varied ways in the country. Goddess Durga is worshipped on the various occasions. Some occasions are given in the below-

  • Vijayadashmi

Bengali people celebrated her glorious victory on the day of Vijayadashmi.

  • Dashain festival

It is celebrated in the Nepal which is a sign of a great success of deity Durga.

  • Navratri

It is a nine days celebration which is (more…)

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