Holi Festival in Madhya Pradesh:

Holi, a festival of great significance is one of the much celebrated festivals in India. Madhya Pradesh which is a part of central India celebrates this festival of Holi with great fun fare. Though the celebration of Holi is not as widespread in Madhya Pradesh as is in the many of the states in India, still the revelry amongst the people celebrating is no less in Madhya Pradesh. People are very much involved in the celebration of the festival and show great enthusiasm and devotion while having fun at the same time.

Holi has peculiar historic roots in Madhya Pradesh; this festival isn’t native to the land but was brought by Maratha’s. It is said the Maratha Holkars who conquered the state brought with them Marathi tradition of Rangpanchami, which is

Holi Colors

Holi Colors

other name of Holi, where the colours are played on the fifth day. And since then the tradition of Holi began, and has grown into huge celebrations throughout the state. Right from making elaborate preparation for the bonfires and lighting it according to the tradition, to preparing delicacies for the festival, Holi has become an integral part of the people of Madhya Pradesh.

The celebrations are at its hilt in Indore; as Holi is celebrated here for five days continuously. The people have full share of the fun and frolic and get completely involved in the spirit of the festival. The last day of the festival is called the Pancham Holi.

These days’ people have reduced the use of water while playing Holi, to reduce the wastage of water. Hence the Holi played is termed as dry Holi, the absence of water making no difference in the festive spirit and the amount of fun which people have. People meet each other and renew their ties, make new ties forgetting any old animosity during this holy festival of Holi, celebrating the triumph of good over evil.

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