Mahavir Jayanti is one of the most famous festivals amongst the people from Jain religion. Bhagvan Mahavirswami is one of the religious individuals of this religious country of India who spent his whole life for spread out thoughts about divine

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Mahavir Swami

power of the world.

Mahavirswami was the 24th Thirthankar of Jain religion.  He had born in year of 599 BC at a place of Kshatriyakund located near modern town of Patna in state of Bihar. His father was a King who named as Siddhartha and his mother was a Queen named as Trishla.

They were very religious inhabitants and supporters of Lord Parshwanath who was the twenty-third Tirthankar of Jainism. When Queen Trishla was pregnant a baby she had 14 gorgeous dreams whereas some of the people believed sixteen dreams. When the Queen Trishla asked to learned scholars about the dreams they said to her that she was going to have a strange child who will demonstrate the pathway to true pleasure to humanity.

Mahavira’s had given an explanation on these ‘unity of Life’  appearances which is one of the uppermost saving values of human beings life. The modern society which search for to utilize and obliterate every other kind of living genus of living beings than the Lord Mahavira described the thoughts of religion of peace and spiritual power to avoid all of this.

Mahavir Jayanti In 2014 : 13th April (more…)

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Mahavir Jayanti is the important festival of Jain community and this festival is celebrated in march – April month

Mahavir Jayanti

Mahavir Jayanti

because on this day lord Mahavira was born, who was the founder of Jain religion. On the day of Mahavira jayanti many people goes to Jain temples and worship the tirthankars and their religious gurus like mahapragya and others etc.

The mahaveer, mahavir jayanti day dates  are listed below and this information is useful for all of us who want to get know about the day dates and year information related to Mahavira jayanti in forthcoming years .

Mahavira swami said that people can save their souls by living a life of extreme asceticism and by practicing non violence towards all living creatures, humans. The main sects of the Jainism are the digambara and shwatambera. Lord “Mahaveer” is the Symbol of Peace. Live and let live was his best slogan given to us.

The Mahavir jayanti Day Dates In Year 2014: –

  • Mahavir jayanti Day Dates In 2014: April  13

Note : please see the calendar also for the confirm day and dates for this festival.

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