The Festival of Kites : Makar Sankranti

Nirjala Ekadasi Kites


Makar sankranrti symbolizes a move of the Sun into Makar Rashi. The day is occurred on the 14th January. It is an auspicious occasion which is celebrates by all around the country.

It is believed that from this day, god’s days are starts. It is a best time period for pray and worship to god. During this time, many auspicious things are done. It marks the end of negativity and evils. A righteous living time begin from this day.

Customs and Rituals of Makar Sankranti :

  • This day is a best to pray or worship to goddess Saraswati. Late ancestors are also worshipped on this day. It is an ideal time to set our goals of life.
  • On this day people abandon old and ruined things. Brothers give gifts to their married sisters to show his love. Workers get gifts like clothes, sweets and money from their masters.
  • People feed the animals like cows and birds as a sign of giving out.
  • It has roots in godly history. It has such a great spiritual significance like some other major festivals Shivratri, Deewali, Holi, Hanuman Jayanti etc.


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Makar Sankranti is symbols the shift of the Sun from Sagittarius zodiac to Capricorn zodiac. It is celebrated in all over India with spiritual beliefs. It observed on 14 January in every year. In different regions, makar sankranti has different names. The move of the Sun from one rashi to other rashi is called “Uttarayana”. It has a religious importance for worship.

Cultural Importance of Sankranti Festival :

1). On this day it is said that the Sun visits the Saturn’s house for a month. The Sun and the Saturn have a relation of father and son respectively. The day signs the significance of the remarkable relationship between father and son.

2). God’s days are starts from makar sankranti. So, people do many auspicious things during this time. It is a best time to worship gods and get blessings.

3). On this day lord Vishnu had killed demons and burying them under the Mandara parvata.

4). Maharaj Bhagirath did a great tapashya to bring Ganga on the earth. Bhagirath wanted to release his unlucky ancestors from the curse. After the long worship of Bhagirath, Ganga appeared on the earth. On this day a great Ganga Sagar mela is organized, in the memory of Bhagirath’s worship and coming of the Ganga on the earth.

Makar sankranti day is such a remarkable day for devotees and it has a huge spiritual importance.

Makar Sankranti Festival In Year 2012:
Date of the Makar Sankranti Festival is : 14 January 2012.

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