Manipur is a so striking spot with its natural environment. It seems so incredible with its various cultures and customs. Manipur is a most popular state of India in all around the world as religious dancing activities. Manipuri dances are ritualistic in nature.

According to people who know this state very much, they say about it that Manipur is a most entertaining state of India. Manipur is famous for its culture and land of religious dances. Major dances of this state which represent its nature are Khamba Thoibi, Pung Cholom, Maibi Dance, Nupa Pala, and Ras Lila. Each of them has its significant role in Manipuri culture.

Nupa Pala is one of those dances which have its own significant contribution in Manipuri culture or environment. Nupa Pala is also known as a name of Kartal Cholom or Cymbal Dance. It is a symbol of Manipuri dance culture and pulse of music. It is a cluster dance of male dancers.

During the performance dancers wears snow white balls and uses cymbals to play and make new steps. Dancers dance and sing with the classical drum of Manipur ‘Pung’. It is a group dance as like as other dances of Manipur but during this dance performance dancer also dances individually.

In short we can say it a good looking classical dance of Manipur which crowned on various fans of nature and ritual performances.
A video of classical dance performance is here:

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Manipur is the most popular state of India in respect of classical dances. All type of dances like classical or modern dances of Manipur are near to the religious feelings. Steps of those dances took an age of ritual culture of Manipur. Ras Leela is one of them.

Ras Leela is the group of social elements during the dance performance. Mainly Manipuri people pray the deities of lord Krishna and goddess Radha. Ras Leela is the classical dance of lord Krishna and Radha.

The great poet and philosopher of India Rabindranath Tagore watched this dance first time in 1920. He loved it and than he introduced this dance in his university Shantiniketan. After that this dance becomes popular in all around the world.

Raas Leela is the softest dance than other classical dances of Manipur. During this dance performance dancer doesn’t hit their feet too hard on the ground of dancing stag. When they put their feet on the ground, touch front part of the feet first to the ground. In Ras Leela dancers move their body with the movement of rhythm. Each and every put or down of feet move with the rhythm points of music.

Raas Leela is not only needed the perfect movement of feet according to music but also it needs facial expressions of the dancers during dance steps. This ritual dance also needs various instruments to play the music.

Ras Leela is also called as the name of Manipur dance because it is the most significant religious dance of Manipur. Ras Leela organized in every important festival or occasion like Sangai Festival.

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