Maricha Demon In Ramayana :



According to ancient Hindu epic Ramayana, Maricha was a rakshasa (demon) who tried to interrupt the Yagna of Sage Vishwamitra. Lord Rama shot an arrow at him, which threw Maricha into a remote island. After this incident Maricha started to fear Rama. The very mention of name Rama used to make him scared.

Maricha made a second appearance in Ramayana as a golden deer who helped Ravana, the king of Lanka to kidnap Sita. Ravana wanted to abduct Sita and for this purpose he took help of Maricha. Maricha took the form of a golden deer to lure Sita.

When Sita saw this golden deer she asked Rama to catch it for her. Lord Rama knew that this deer was unnatural and could be potentially dangerous, but he could not refuse to his wife’s demand. He asked Lakshmana to look after Sita and left for hunting that golden deer.

While on the pursuit of this deer, Rama came to a conclusion from its behavior that it is evil and unnatural. Lord Rama decides to kill this golden deer instead of capturing it alive. He shoots an arrow and kills it, but before dying the deer cries out for help in the voice of Rama to Lakshman and Sita.

The deer resumes its rakshasa form and Rama immediately recognizes him as Maricha. Hearing Rama’s voice Sita becomes worried and asks Lakshman to go for his help. Lakshman told Sita that no one can harm Rama, but Sita was very much worried and ordered (more…)

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