Marwar Festival Jodhpur Rajasthan :

marwar festival

marwar festival

Festivals in Rajasthan are celebrated throughout the year and each of these festivals presents a unique character of its own. Jodhpur, also known as the sun city of Rajasthan is host to one of the most famous festivals in India. This festival is known as Marwar Festival which attracts many tourists from all over the globe.

The Marwar Festival of Rajasthan is dedicated to the dance and music of Marwar region. This festival is held every year at Jodhpur (former capital of Marwar) in the month of Ashwin (Sept-Oct) according to the Hindu calendar. It is a two day event which is held on the auspicious occasion of full moon, known as sharad purnima in local dialect.

Marwar Festival of Jodhpur showcases several beautiful traditional music and dance of Marwar which are performed by the local artists. The main theme of this festival is the dance and music of Marwar which is centered on the passionate lifestyle of rulers from Marwar. This festival is visited by thousands of visitors from India as well as abroad. Some of the popular attractions of Marwar Festival are horse riding, horse polo, camel tattoo show, songs sung by singers in the memory of brave warriors of past and many more.

The Marwar Festival was formerly known as ‘Maand Festival’ and takes place every year at the location of magnificient and marvelous Meharangarh Fort and Umaid Bhawan Palace. The state tourism and cultural board organize a small fete in which several craftsmen exhibit their skills. Those who like to buy handicrafts and artifacts will not be disappointed at all. (more…)

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The Rajasthan is a very unique state of rajasthan. it is famous for it’s colourfull dance, music, big structured historic forts and palaces. every thing is speacial in rajasthan of India.

That’s why most of foriegn visitors who come to india they visit rajasthan speacially. the rich heritage the fairs and festivals of rajasthan all are very unique and colourful. Some of Important Festival and Fairs of Rajasthan are listed here.

Fairs and Festivals of Rajasthan :

  • Baneshwar Fair
  • Bundi Utsav
  • Camel Festival
  • Chandrabhaga Fair
  • Desert Festival
  • Diwali
  • Elephant Festival
  • Gangaur Festival
  • Holi
  • Karni Mata Mela
  • Karva Chauth
  • Khatu Shyamji Fair
  • Kota dussera Mela
  • Marwar Festival
  • Mewar Festival
  • Nagaur Fair
  • Pushkar Fair
  • Rakhee
  • Shekhawati Festival
  • Sitabari fair
  • Teej Festival

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