Ekadasi means eleventh day of each paksha of hindu months called Krishna and sukla paksha. There are 12 months in Hindu calendar so 24 Ekadasi comes in a year.

Maun Ekadasi Vrat:

Fast and vrats on this day are performed by people to make happy to lord Krishna or Hari. People keep fasting partially or completely on this day twice in a month. People who forgot to keep fast on this day can get bake by fasting on its next day Dwadashi.

Nirjala Ekadasi is one of the best in all Ekadasi vrats. It comes once in a year in month of June. Nirjala means to live complete day without water. Devotees keep fast on this day without taking a drop of water. It is also known as Bhima ekadashi.

It is said that one of pandavas Bhima can’t be able to keep fast of Ekadashi twice in a month because he has very big and strong body & thus he gets hungry all the times. He asked the solution to lord Krishna. God suggest him this too scorcher day of hot month June to keep fast without a drop of water. It is assumed that keeping fast on Nirjala Ekadashi give good results of all ekadashi’s of a year.

Devotees visits the temple of lord Krishna and perform special pooja and aarti there at this day. Shreefal (coconut) and sweets are served to god in pooja and aarti. Vaishnav people must do this fast of ekadashi because lord Krishna is superior god of them. Many people keeps maun mean they talk none all the day. some of them also keeps fast on complete day.

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