World Labor Day is a day of workers to celebrate their social and economical achievements annually. This is the day

World Labour Day

World Labour Day

which originated mainly from the time of a movement of labor union. During this labor movement labors demanded for eight hours work, eight hours for rest and eight hours for recreation in a day.

This day is famous as the name of International Worker’s Day in the world. This is also known as the name of May Day. International Worker’s Day is the day which made by the Federation of Organized Trades and Labor Unions who passed out a resolution in 1984 about eight day work and it confirmed as on 1st of May 1986.

So this International Worker’s Day is also known as May Day. International Worker’s Day is the day when labor can aware the new changes of technologies and the new things essential for them to learn. Workers are the base of any industry or any business to run them with a right path and with right timing. They are the major thing of productions but some of the owners or manufactures tried to utilize fully them but paying the lower payments. They also treat them as an ordinary people.

To reduce those of the situation many countries constituted their labor laws in safety of labors. There is the time of unions too for labors. All of those enhance the importance of International Worker’s Day.

International Worker’s Day in 2013 : 1st May 2012 (more…)

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Labour Day – May Day In India:

Labour Day is called a day of labors or workers. Labor Day is celebrated to inspire and motivates to the workers and employers for their major achievements in different areas. American Federation of Labour meetings (1909) adopted

World Labour Day

World Labour Day

the Labour Day as a Labour Sunday. Labour Day is committed to workers and employers for their hard works, dedication and achievements in economic and social sector. Peter J. McGuire has been called ‘the Father of Labor Day’.

On the Labour Day many programs are planned in all over the world to increase and enhance the communal and educational level of the workers or labours. Some of the countries like New Zealand are celebrated the Labour Day as a public holiday. The Labour Day was selected on September 5, in surrounding world.

In present form, Labour Day is like a festival. Labour Day is totally fulfilled with happiness and enjoyment. Labour Day is celebrated with a great excitement and enthusiasm. Labour Day is such a delightful occasion for the workers and their families. On the Labour Day workers parade and marches are also conducted by the ‘Labors Union’. On the Labor Day all men and women workers must be pray to God for their jobs and employments.

Labour Day/ May Day :

Date of the Labour Day This Year : 1 September.

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