All Muslims, throughout the world are expected to perform this holy visit to Mecca once in their lifetime. Only the very old and very sick people are exempted of this holy duty by the rules of the Quran. But affluent Muslims can overcome this hurdle by sending some other Muslim devotee on this most coveted trip of hajj to Mecca.

Hajj Pilgrimage Journey to Mecca:

This hajj pilgrimage to Mecca is must be taken during the last month of the Islamic year which is known as Dhu-al-Hijja. Like all the other Muslim festivals and traditions, this tradition of undertaking the journey to the holy city of Mecca, also has its roots in the life of their founder, Prophet Mohammed. According to the Quran, Prophet Mohammed’s last action on the earth was his pilgrimage to Mecca.

The actual hajj starts from the 7th day of the last month of the Muslim calendar. All the pilgrims are supposed to purify themselves before entering the Kabah by wearing clean white clothes and by following some rules of not smoking, not drinking, being honest, tolerance  and by checking all the negative emotions in oneself. On the first day of hajj, all the pilgrims take 7 rounds of Kabah, and if possible kiss the black stone. The pilgrims are expected to chant any of the Allah’s 99 divine names. The 7th day ritual includes the walk to hills of Safa and Maswah and drinking of water from the Zamzam well.

The 8th day is spent in Mina where the pilgrims spend the night in praying constantly. The 9th day is the day of departure from Mina to Mount Arafat which is also known as the Hill of Forgiveness. The hajj pilgrimage is not considered complete unless the pilgrims spend 1 whole afternoon here. After accomplishing the ritual of throwing stones at the devil, hajj pilgrimage is considered complete with a visit to the holy city of Medina.

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