Moon is one of the nine planate of universe. In Hindu religion moon is worship as Chandra Bhagwan. Moon is a planate of peace and prosperity and worship as a lord of peace.

There are various temples of Chandra bhagwan in India. There is a temple in Tamil Nadu of Chandra bhagwan which is most famous in world. It is the temple one of nine temples of Tamil Nadu. It is also located Thingaloor. This is one of the most fabulous temples of world.

There is a myth behind this temple of lord moon. Chandra (moon) was got married with 27 daughters of Daksha Prajapati. He was instructed by Daksha prajapati to behave equally with all 27 vive but he was spent his most of the time with a single vive. Her named was Rohini. So he was crushed by Daksha Prajapati to suffer with wasting diseases. After this cursed Chandra worship lord Shiva. Lord Shiva gives him advised to remain in the temple at Thingaloor. This is believed that if a person worship lord moon in this temple he can remove the suffering of horoscope science in his life.

Chandra Bhagwan temple at Thingaloor is a famous temple of Lord Chandra. And this tempel looks so beautiful on the festival time in Tamil Nadu. Especially on full moon day this temple is decorated with full of flowers and lights. On full moon day people worship lord moon with great devotional feelings. There is a beautiful video of lord moon at Thingaloor in Tamil Nadu as following.

A Nice Video of Thingaloor Temple of Moon :

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