Diwali is a Festival of Lights and celebrated throughout India with a lot of joy and happiness. Diwali is also known as the Festival of Lights and in accordance to this name every home is lighted up with diyas and candles.

Diwali Festival Sweets and Gifts :

To decorate and light up their houses, offices, gardens and lawns, people go on a shopping spree of diyas, candles, rangolis items and other decorative items. The first step to celebrate Diwali festival is to clean and brighten up every nook and corner. To make this possible a steady demand of diyas and its counter parts arises in the market and also on the internet shopping sites.

Another most important item of this Diwali Festival Celebration is the sweet. Various types of sweets are available in the market. Chocolates have become the latest added variety of sweet which is available in mouth-watering flavours and beautifully packaged. Chocolates have become a favourite gift exchange item.  Sweets are also available on the internet sites.  One click of the mouse will open various sites of display of a wide variety of sweets for domestic use and for corporate house gifting too.

Diwali festival celebration spurs the arrival of guests. To please them delicious sweets are served. There would be no home which would not be keeping sweets or buying sweets during these five days of Diwali festival. The other most important aspect of the festival is the tradition of exchanging gifts. Gifts are exchanged between relatives, friends, neighbours and all the near and dear ones. Nowadays corporate houses gift their employees to keep the spirit of Diwali kindled. (more…)

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