Rakhi threads are a way to express love and trust between relationship of brother and sister. Traditional rakhi threads also called as dora, dori, mouli, dhaga or kalwa among people at home. Now a days it turns into various patterns of sacred rakhi. Sacred rakhi patterns are decorated with various beautiful elements.

Thread of Rakhi:

Sometimes it is designed with zari work or various metals like steel, silver or brass. Some of rakhi threads also prepared  with golden color to give it golden beauty and royal touch. Threads of rakhi are just not a dhaga or element but it is also a way to show their love and dedication by a sister to their brothers.

Rakhi is a famous and very ancient festival ofIndia. it is a different kind of festival than other festivals. It is a festival of love and affection. This rakhi festival is not only celebrated inIndiabut also very famous in around the world. During this festival people involve in various spiritual acts. They begin preparation before long time. On day of rakshabandhan people wake up early in the morning and make clean their houses. They takes bath and goes to temples for puja.

At the time of ‘Muharat’ all family members  celebrates this festival of raksha bandhan. Family members appreciates sweets and delicious meals which are cooked by ladies and sisters at home. Rakhi threads are important part of this festival.

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Rakhi is a very auspicious occasion for Hindu families in India. It is a festival of brother and sisters. during this festival brothers and sisters strengthen their relationship with feeling of love and trust. Rakhi is a festival of joy. On this festival a sister tie a ribbon or rakhi on her brother’s wrist and prays for best wishes. Brother gives gifts to her and wishes for her good future.

Rakhi is also famous as Rakshabandhan. Raksha bandhan celebration is one of the great festival celebration in India. During that time people be prepare themselves with cleaning of houses, buying of gifts items, purchasing of auspicious items etc. Sisters goes to market and purchase various patterns of Rakhi for their brothers. different designer rakhis are famous in our county during this festival. Some of them are as follows.

Floral Rakhi:

Floral Rakhi is a kind of ancient form of rakhi. it is made by fresh flowers. This rakhi looks extremely beautiful. This pattern of rakhi have grate looks, they are charming and beautiful.

Ram Rakhi:

Ram Rakhi is another old form of rakhi. It is made with silk threads. It is just like a dori which has no fancy decoration. In middle of this dori it have a flower which looks beautiful.

Musical Rakhi:

Musical rakhi is a modern kind of rakhi. this rakhi plays musical tunes by touching middle buttons. In current time children at home likes this rakhi.

Cartoon Rakhi:

It is another modern kind of rakhi. on this form of rakhi various type of cartoons designed on thread of rakhi. Mickey mouse, mogli and donald duck etc. are designed in rakhi. children likes this type of rakhi.

Gold or Silver Coated Rakhi:

This is a royal kind of rakhi. in this form designer uses golden or silver metal for coating. They makes coating to rakhi with this metal to give looks of royal touch. among rich families this kind of rakhi is most famous.

Currency Notes Rakhi:

This famous pattern of rakhi among rural people. In this form of rakhi Indian currency notes are attached with threads and designed like circle and flowers. currency notes may be real or duplicate.

As like above kind or form of rakhis there are much more patterns of rakhis are famous in markets like stones rakhi, beads rakhi, shri om rakhi, mouli and sandalwood rakhi etc.

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