Eid Milad Nabi is one of the major religious occasions of Muslim Community. It is the occasion which has an importance of each a Muslim individual. It is the time to renew the thoughts and teaching of their holy prophet Hazrat Muhammad.

Islamic Eid Milad Nabi:

shab e barat Mubarak

Eid Milad Mubarak

Hazrat Muhammad was the spiritual leader of Muslim community. He thought to their priests to walk on the way of truth and religious thoughts of Kuran. Hazrat Muhammad was the important religious teacher for the community of Muslim. He spent his whole life to survive the thoughts of this religion.

This is the day which started by the follower of this holy prophet of Muslim religion by worshiping of peace and prosperity of life. It is the time to show their brotherhood and honesty for their religion.

This is the especial time fir Muslim community so government arranges the special security in all over the country for safety and maintaining of law. This is the time when all markets and Muslim religious places decorated well by colors and paintings. This is the time of a holiday for this community. So the community celebrates this occasion as best they can do.

Eid Milad Nabi will be celebrate as like the previous years. It is the time (more…)

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