A solar eclipse happens when the moon comes between the sun and the earth. In this situation the sun is totally or partially covered by the moon. minimum two and up to five solar eclipses occurs in a year. A Solar Eclipse is just a natural event.

Solar Eclipse Prediction As Astrology :

About the solar eclipse many predictions are made by various astrologers. according to the astrologers many changes are occurred in various Rashis by the solar eclipse. astrologers predicts about any possibility of huge floods or other disaster related with water.

They also predicts good and bad effects which comes to different Rashi’s by the solar eclipse. some astrologer advised to a pregnant woman to not see the solar eclipse, coz of it’s bad effects.

Basically, the solar eclipse is a natural phenomenon and it is not responsible for bad or evil events in life. people should not be invest money in pooja and rituals on the day of solar eclipse, it is said.

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