Navratri is the celebration of nine nights of goddess “Durga”. Navratri is celebrated across the contury specially in Gujrat with full of Joy and exitement. It’s known as “Festival of power” also. On nine nights of navratri nine Avtaar of Maa durga are worshiped.

People keeps fast for nine days to make happy Goddess Drga for securing them from any kind Deasies and mistakes in life. “Garaba or Dandiya” (Traditinal Dance of Gujrat) make All nights of navratri with full of enjoy and Prosperity. Celebration ends by putting the statue of goddess into River and sea at the last day.

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Navratri is a festival of joy and happiness. Navatri is nine nights festival celebrated with great devotion in the honor of goddess Durga. In these nine days people worship goddess durga with great zeal. Many people observe fast whole nine days and go to temple and decorate images of goddess durga with flowers.

Navratri festival is a great devotional festival for the Indian people. Western Indian specially in Gujarat state people organize Dandiya (Garba) dance whole nine days in the night. People establish holy divine image of goddess durga with pooja and archana and then they dance with two wood sticks (Dandiya) with their partner around the image.

On this day people clean their house and paint with various colors then they decorate walls with images of goddess durga. Some people like to set wallpaper and image whole nine days of goddess durga on their computer desktop or screen.

There are many types of wallpaper and images on Internet you can choose best picture and you can set on your computer screen on this Navratri festival. Many people like to change wallpapers and (more…)

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