Navratri Festival is a famous and admired festival of India. It comes on five times in a year. But main navratri festival is comes in an Ashwin month. It is known as a ‘Mahanavaratra’. On the navratri people go through fasts at each day of nine days. Fast is a part of worship. There are many customs and rituals related with navratri festival.

Rituals of Navratri :

Navratri Mata

Maa Amba

1). On the navratri people set up an idol of goddess Durga in their houses. They offers flowers and fruits to idol of goddess Durga. They sing bhajan or aarti in respect of goddess.

2). On The first three days Durga’s powers are worshiped in different form.

3). On the first day People plants barley seeds in a pot.

4). The fourth, fifth and sixth days are devoted to goddess Lakshmi. She is worshiped for wealth and success. Fifth day is called ‘Lalita Panchami’.

5). Goddess Saraswati is worshiped on seventh and eighth day to get knowledge of art and education.

6). Last day of navratri is a ninth day. Devotees offered food to nine girls and they also
Worship them as goddess Durga’s nine forms.

7). On this occasion garba dance is performed by people. It is a popular dance form of Gujarat (more…)

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