Naw Ruz Bahai, New Ruz Festival of Bahai Community –

The Bahai religion with its origin in Iran, celebrates naw Ruz as a religious holiday. This day not only the new year according to the bahai’s community but also the end of their nineteen days fast. New ruz has been fixed at 21 march. New ruz is considered one of the nine bahai holy days on which work is suspended. Naw-ruz is begin after the sunset it singles the end of the nineteen day fast so this day is very important according to the bahai follower. In the celebrations music and dancing are also include.

Naw-Ruz is also call the celebrations for it marks the end of fasting, they said that use of musical instruments and other luxuries prohibited at other times. During the day, God breath witness that there is no God but him, the Precious, the beloved. Fasting was prohibited during the whole month. During the night of Naw-Ruz each believer was to recite 361 times the verse `God breath witness that there is no God but him, the Self-Subsistence.

In the all Bahai holy days there are few fixed rules for observing Naw-Ruz, but Iranian Bahai’s are following Iranian traditions. Some person of the Bahai’s use Naw-Ruz as a day of gift-giving.

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