Rakhi is a festival of brother and sister love and dedication. It is a relationship gifted by lord to human being. Rakhi is also called as Rakshabandhan. It is one most beautiful festival celebrated on earth. this festival does not affect with distance or difficult circumstance. On this day of rakhi a sister praise for well being of her brother and brother also promises to her for her safety.

A sister values her brother’s desire and wants a batter future for him. In India this festival celebrated as a biggest national celebration. In various states it celebrated with different manners but centre feeling of this festival remain similar. It is ancient festival of India and celebrated from a long time period. During past time a sister use a simple strip or rakhi to bind on her brother’s wrist, but in modern era there are various kind of rakhi available in market. One of them is divine rakhi.

However, rakhi is a spiritual festival and effects with ritual things, thus divine rakhi become famous among people. Divine rakhi is a made of various ritual signs or god-goddess images. In current time various images like lord Ganesha, lord Shiva, and lord Vishnu etc are become famous. There is a short list of various divine rakhi popular among people.

Divine Rakhi Patterns:

  • Ganesha Rakhi
  • Om Rakhi
  • Swastika Rakhi
  • Krishna Rakhi
  • Rudraksha Rakhi
  • Durga Rakhi
  • Lord Shiva Rakhi

All of above are famous pattern of spiritual rakhi or divine rakhi. according to Hindu tradition it will bring good fortune for both brother and sister to use divine signs or images on rakhi festival.

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