Parshvanath Jayanti is the birth day celebration of lord Parshvanath of Jain religion.  Parshvanath Jayanti celebrates in through out India in various corners of country. Lord Parshvanath was the twenty third Tirthanker of Jainism. Major it is celebrated where people belongs of Jain religion are living. This is one of the major festivals of Jainism.

During that time people worship lord Parshvanath and engages themselves with various ritual act of the day. Parshvanath Jayanti in 2011 will be celebrating as on 20th of December. This is one of the most celebrated occasions of this community. Jainism is the follower of thoughts of lord Mahavir and Parshvanath is one of the paths of lord Mahavir.

Parshvanath Jayanti in India is celebrated with much of energy and enthusiasm in community of jain religion. People on this day adorned their houses and offices. They get ready with new cloths and manage a Puja on this day. Most of the people observe a hard fast for this complete day. some of the people takes once a meal in this day and observe fast. They also do donation and charity to poor on this day.

Parshvanath Jayanti in 2011: 20th December

Parshvanath Jayanti celebrated each of the year in India and our neighbor country Nepal too with same manner. People on this day organize various ritual acts. In year of 2011 it will be perform as on 20th of December.

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India is a country of festivals. This is a colorful country by nature, by circumstances, by religions and by cultures. This is a country of religions. There is no restriction to follow any religion or culture to live here.

Each of people is living here legally is an Indian citizen. Those people is celebrated various festival during whole year with each other. In year 2012 there are various festivals to celebrate as like past years. Those festivals can divided into monthly festivals of India. There is a short description about festivals of December, 2012 as follows.

All of these are the festivals or Important days for celebration in India. All of those are the occasions which are celebrated mostly In India. Those festivals are related to various religions.

Festivals of India In December 2012 :

  • 25 Dec – Christmas
  • 28 Dec – Guru Nanak Jayanti


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