Parsi New Year, New Year Celebration by Parsi Community

Nowruz is also known “Persian New Year”. Nowruz is the name of the Iranian New year in the Persian calendar. It is celebrated in Iran. Parsi New Year have a public holiday for 13 days. The schools are off on this days and functions and this festivals of Parsi New Year takes places. Navroz is a great day of joy. On this day children, men and women wake up early in morning, have a bath and dress up with new clothes.

Parsi New Year aka Nowruz in India:

In Parsi festivals good food plays a very important role. Mostly Parsi’s are non-vegetarian so they bring  and prepare

Parsi Kids

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dishes of fish, mutton, chicken, nuts, spices and fruits on this day. One day before a variety of dishes are prepared. Many of the prayers, greetings, exchanging, gifts, are common.

Parsi New Year is the first day of the first month of the Zoroastrian year. They decorate their houses with colored powders, welcome the guests by spraying rose water on them and are served with sweet dish ‘Faluda’.

During this festival  people go out and throw ‘Sabzeh’ seeds which is grown during the New year into the river. The Parsi New Year time is when families gather to spend time with loved ones.

It is believed that Parsi would make the air fresh and would purify the atmosphere.

On these day people offer food to poor people. Unmarried girls tie sprouts and pray to get achievement in their love life. The Parsi celebration comes to an end on the 13th day which is known as “Sizdah Be Dar”.

On the occasion of these Parsi festivals people of all the classes come together and celebrate the joyful occasion with happiness. Jamshedi Navroz is the Parsi New Year. (more…)

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