Pongal is a most famous or can say the festival which is most celebrates in Northern part of India. Pongal especially in the state of Tamil Nadu celebrated as the biggest level. It is the festival of changing seasons from winter to spring. It is the time of harvesting in the state of Tamil Nadu. This festival represents the transits of sun into Capricorn sign. This is the process which is also known as the Uttarayana of Sun.

Pongal falls each year in the month of January and celebrated as the stating of New Year too. In Tamil Nadu Pongal celebrated as a four day occasion of festival. People celebrate these festivals by dancing and singing of ritual and devotional songs about the religion. They prepare a delicious food named Pongal to appreciate the festival.

Most of the communities of India related to the agriculture work and harvesting and they looks for the batter conditions for their harvesting work. Pongal is one of the festivals which represent the time of batter condition for harvesting.

This is the day when people decorated their house with flowers, colors and rangoli designs. They worship to the Lord sun for the batter fortune in their life and whole society.

  • Pongal Festival In Year 2012: 1¬†January 2012 (more…)

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Holi in Mathura and Vrindavan

Holi in Mathura and Vrindavan

India is a land of festivals. It is a ritual or spiritual part of the earth. India is a big country of the world. It is second biggest populated and second biggest country in area in all over the world. Most of the part of population followed various religions.

Festivals and Fairs of India In January :

It is the country which is a heaven of living various religious people. Hindu, Sikh, Muslim and Christians are the religion which we can found in all area of India. all of those are living there together with others. All of the religion followed their culture and tradition.

They all free to celebrate their own festivals to follow their ritual thoughts and ritual acts. All of the major religion in India also divided into various tribes or communities and they have also celebrated their own fairs and festivals. All of those are the key for the huge amount of festivals celebrated in the country of India.

we can classify those of the festivals celebrated in a year in various months. There are some of the festivals which come in the month of January. Here is the list of festivals comes in the month of January, as following.

Indian Festivals In January Month

Date Festival Name
1 January New Year
Eid E Milad
Pongal, Makar Sankranti
Vasant Panchami
Republic Day

All of the important festival of India but there are some most important (more…)

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