Pushkar Fair or pushkar mela is very famous fair of Rajasthan and all over the India. Pushkar is one of the most important pilgrimage city for Hindu devotees. This pushkar fair is celebrated during the month of November in every year. Pushkar is best known and well-known for its Camel Fair and and colorful cattle fair.

The main attraction of Pushkar is the Pushkar Lake and the temple of God Brahma. Pushkar is world famous palace where peoples comes from out side of India. On this occasion thousands of devotees come to take a dip in the Pushkar Lake and goes to the temple of lord Bramha and pray for them and their family.

In Pushkar Fair peoples also organized including attractive puppet shows. Cattle fair and camel races are also a part of the festivities. On this fair peoples enjoying with Dance, music and fun. People decorated their colorful shops and sell many thing.

The foreigner and Indians comes there in large numbers and see this fair with camel races, horse races and camel shows it also give them more color and make it an experience of a lifetime. It is the one of most fair which people like most.

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Pushkar Fair of Rajasthan:

Pushkar fair in rajasthan has again starting this year. this fair is a very unique fair of rajasthan and that’s why it is very popular too. Thousands of foreign and local visitors came here to join the charming and fantastic pushkar fair.

Camel race, horse race, rajasthani dances and music, turban competition, rassa kashi and other activities are the main points of attraction here for people.  one can enjoy and very good mela type atmosphere here.

A very nice video here from that fair.

Rural and local people come here to watch dances, music and different activities of people. rajasthani folk music dances in desert of rajasthan are the most popular here. people enjoy them very much. foreign visitors and couples come here to enjoy the rajasthani culture, they takes photographs, enjoy local food, stay and different (more…)

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